Welcome to Codequick’s documentation!

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Codequick is a framework for kodi add-on’s. The goal for this framework is to simplify add-on development. This is achieved by reducing the amount of boilerplate code to a minimum, while automating as many tasks that can be automated. Ultimately, allowing the developer to focus primarily on scraping content from websites and passing it to Kodi.

  • Route dispatching (callbacks)
  • Callback arguments can be any Python object that can be “pickled”
  • Delayed execution (execute code after callbacks have returned results)
  • No need to set “isplayable” or “isfolder” properties
  • Supports both Python 2 and 3
  • Auto sort method selection
  • Better error reporting
  • Full unicode support
  • Sets “mediatype” to “video” or “music” depending on listitem type, if not set
  • Sets “xbmcplugin.setContent”, base off mediatype infolabel.
  • Sets “xbmcplugin.setPluginCategory” to the title of current folder
  • Sets “thumbnail” to add-on icon image, if not set
  • Sets “fanart” to add-on fanart image, if not set
  • Sets “icon” to “DefaultFolder.png” or “DefaultVideo.png’, if not set
  • Sets “plot” to the listitem title, if not set
  • Auto type convertion for (str, unicode, int, float, long) infolables and stream info
  • Support for media flags e.g. High definition ‘720p’, audio channels ‘2.0’
  • Reimplementation of the “listitem” class, that makes heavy use of dictionaries
  • Youtube.DL intergration (https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=200877)
  • URLQuick intergration (http://urlquick.readthedocs.io/en/stable/)
  • Built-in support for saved searches
  • Youtube intergration